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Guide to Landing Barber Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a barber aspiring to work in Canada and need sponsorship for a visa? Canada might be the perfect destination for you. This comprehensive guide is designed to shed light on the process of applying for visa sponsorship in Canada and how to secure a barber job upon arrival.

Canada’s Booming Job Market for Barbers

Canada is home to a vast array of job opportunities. As part of its current immigration strategy, Canada plans to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants this year, with the goal of hosting about 1.3 million immigrants. This strategy makes the most suitable time for skilled barbers and hairstylists to make their mark in the Canadian job market.

Barbering and hairstyling jobs are in high demand in Canada, with statistics indicating that barbers earn an average of $30,234 annually, which translates to approximately $17.00 per hour. This is a commendable package compared to barbering salaries in many other countries.

Why Choose Barbering in Canada?

Barbering is not just about cutting and styling hair; it’s a platform that allows you to meet new people, explore diverse working environments, and showcase your creativity. Canada stands out as an ideal destination for barbers due to:

  • The availability of numerous barber job opportunities.
  • Extensive training courses for those keen on becoming a certified professional barber.
  • A high demand for skilled barbers proficient in hair cutting, coloring, and styling.
  • Comprehensive courses provided by several hairstyling companies for aspirants eager to master the art of barbering.

Role and Responsibilities of a Barber in Canada

A barber’s role in Canada encompasses a myriad of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Using advanced styling equipment and performing chemical hair treatments.
  • Offering services like hair trimming, cutting, perming, waving, and curling.
  • Executing hair coloring and treatments.
  • Adhering to customers’ preferences in styling.
  • Ensuring a clean workspace and sanitized equipment.
  • Recommending hairstyles that complement customers’ personalities.
  • Providing mentorship to fellow barbers and trainees.
  • Being self-driven, innovative, and maintaining good customer relations.

Essential Requirements for Barber Immigration to Canada

Migrating to Canada requires one to meet certain prerequisites:

  • Age: You must be above 18 years old.
  • Education: Completion of high school or possessing basic skill qualifications.
  • Language Proficiency: Pass a language skills test to demonstrate proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages.
  • Experience: Relevant work experience.
  • Training: Completion of a two-year training program or its equivalent.
  • Barber Certification: Some provinces, like Ontario, require a specific barber trade qualification.
  • Additional Certification: Acquiring the Red Seal endorsement after completing the inter-provincial Red Seal Exams is an added advantage.

Steps to Work as a Barber in Canada

  1. Craft a Stellar Resume: Your CV plays a pivotal role in securing a barber job in Canada. Ensure it showcases your best skills and experiences.
  2. Be Strategic in Job Applications: Don’t scattergun your applications; be selective about the roles and companies you apply to. Also, tailor your resume and cover letter to each application.
  3. Follow-Up on Applications: This gesture indicates your keen interest in the job.
  4. Obtain Solid References: Authentic reference letters can significantly bolster your job chances.

Procedure to Migrate to Canada as a Barber

  1. Create an Express Entry Profile: Start your immigration process on the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada website.
  2. Choose the Right Program: Opt for a Provincial Nominee Program that aligns with your career path.
  3. Secure a Job Offer: A job offer from a Canadian company can facilitate your immigration process. Ensure the employer justifies the need for an international hire.
  4. Receive an Invitation to Apply: Once you meet the criteria under the Express Entry System, you’ll receive an invitation.
  5. Apply for Permanent Residency: You have 60 days to apply after receiving the invitation.
  6. Obtain a Work Permit: Once in Canada, you must apply for a work permit, which usually takes about a month.

With these steps and insights, you are now equipped to embark on your barbering journey in Canada. Best of luck!